Hello Friends, my name is Haven Gilker! I am the writer behind The Art of Encouragement. I created this blog with one very specific plan… to create a community of people who are ACTIVELY fighting depression and finding joy! I am going to school for recreational therapy and psychology, and I am so passionate about recreational therapy that I want you to learn along with me! Recreational Therapy has a HUGE number of objectives, but through this blog, I am focusing on one… fighting depression. The approach of recreational therapy is a bit different from what talk therapy offers, it is about changing your lifestyle along with your mindset! It’s diving into new experiences, and discovering things that bring you joy, coming out of isolation, and out of your comfort zone to create memories and habits that will fight off depression and bring a new peace and joy to your life!

I created 4 categories to more easily navigate through this blog, and to create areas of focus! The art of Wellness is dedicated to health, nutrition, and fitness! The art of Leisure is dedicated to hobbies, music, and basically the small things we do to fill our down time! The art of Parenting was created because I am a new mommy! Not only do I want to offer you encouragement in this area, but could use some myself! I do not intend on giving parenting advice, but I would love to share what I learn and encourage you other parents out there through this stage in life we get to experience together! Finally, The art of Encouragement is dedicated toward topics of mental health and faith that I believe will encourage others in knowing that we are not alone and we are loved!

I am so excited to have you here! I encourage you to reach out and to join us on this journey! I appreciate you and wish you joy!

~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ~

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”