Crafting Memories!

Since becoming a mommy, I have become a lot more crafty! I always enjoyed crafts and doing art work even though I have not always been the best at it. I spent 5 years out of high school as a daycare worker pinteresting crafts for kiddos of all ages from 0-5. As a teacher it was about more than just finding a cool activity to fill time, it was about creating something parents will treasure forever! As a former daycare worker, you come to appreciate and learn about all sorts of holidays, from Grandparents Day to St. Patrick’s Day, there are memories to be made through them all! Now that I have an [almost] two month old, all holidays have an even bigger meaning than before! Each day is Benjamin’s FIRST! Which means I want all the memories, from pictures, to crafts to momentos. 

    I want to share with you guys not only the crafts I make, but give you ideas to craft your own memories with your little ones! And if you are not very crafty, don’t worry, because I’m not the most crafty either, I’m just a good faker! And I’ll share my ways of doing that as well! My first major project that I will be sharing with you as I go, is Benjamin’s Year One scrapbook! I have not gotten very far, the first three pages are all I’ve gotten through, so far! But what better time than a quarantine to get through some more! Scrapbooking can seem daunting, but it’s not too bad! Even picking the scrapbook, there are a ton of options! 

    So here is the one I chose! It’s a “journal/album.” I chose this rather than a typical “scrapbook” because I think it gives me a little more freedom, and there are tons of pages! There are also sleeves for photos so I can put extra photos in it! There is just so much room for memories in this book! This book is also pretty small, but there are other sizes you can get! I got this book at Michaels for 12.99! The size I got only fits 2 photos per page, but so far I like it that way! It leaves room for all sorts of specific days and activities! 

    So in order to fake craftiness, I do a lot of stickers and craft paper! I also outline all of my writing in pencil before going over it, and if I mess up, I just cover it up with craft paper! You can fake craftiness just by framing cute photos with paper in different ways! That’s what I did for these pages! I just bought a big book of squares of paper, also from Michaels, and then lots and lots of stickers! To be honest the most expensive part about scrapbooking so far for me has been the stickers! They range from 99 cents to 6 dollars, and I tend to splurge on the expensive side! 

    Also, the most important and best part! Printing out all of the amazing baby photos! I always print out extra copies of the photos, and I have a photo album I put a copy of each in, and then the rest are with my scrapbooking box to use for crafting, framing and of course scrapbooking! I love having tangible copies of all of my photos also in case I somehow can’t access them with technology! Old school all the way! But for printing out all my baby photos I rely on technology! I have an app that sends the photos of my choosing to Walgreens! It’s .39 cents for each photo if you’re getting them at the regular size, which is 4×6! The app is “Print Photo,” a partner with Walgreens, but you can find apps that partner and print at different locations! It doesn’t seem to matter how many photos I print, it never seems to take over an hour for them to print! 

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you are crafty or not, whether you are creative or not, it’s all about capturing memories! Babies first St. Patrick’s day, first bath, first Christmas… That is the point of a scrapbook… to chronologically capture his/her life.. Or yours! I think my next step is to create a book for my husband and I. If nothing else to encourage me to take more photos of the two of us and to capture our moments as well! If I do, I will let you guys know! Until then, I will continue to craft memories! Will you?

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