Intro to HIIT Workouts!

Alright friends! Now that we have taken this last week to mentally prepare and set our goals and desires for this fitness journey, it’s time to begin! Are you ready?! This post is called intro to HIIT workouts because it is the best workout to incorporate! Whether you are a seasoned workout vet, or a brand new beginner, a HIIT workout can make a big change! 

    When I was training mixed martial arts every day, I was doing all the cardio but not paying much attention to exercises that could target specific spots. I was “in shape” but not seeing any specific results. Until I added HIIT workouts to my daily routine… They even began to take the place of training martial arts, and when I was in school and working, they became my only means of exercise. 30 minutes a day, of a HIIT workout and I was seeing results! 

    So what’s a HIIT workout? First, HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. These workouts can be as intense as you want them to be! They can be modified for any level and for any lifestyle! You can modify these workouts to target specific muscle groups or just randomize them for an all over good workout! These workouts are truly what you make of them. The benefit of these workouts is that you can do them from home, and modify the exercises for injuries or other reasons. I had to eliminate exercises where I was jumping when I lived in an apartment on the third story. So I would modify them to kicks or trade out the exercise all together. You can also modify them depending on the equipment available to you. If you have some weights you can incorporate them or do a HIIT in a gym, you can use all sorts of different equipment. Basically, the possibilities are endless!

    The other benefit is that you can fit these workouts into a busy schedule. Do you have 30 minutes? Perfect! Just 10 minutes? You can still get in a HIIT workout! Here is how I set mine up! 

Each of these exercises I will do for 1 minute! That’s IT, but give it all you’ve got! Then SWITCH go right into your next exercise! You will end up doing 10 minutes of cardio with no breaks! However, if you want to, which I did this when I began HIIT workouts, modify these to 45 seconds each with 15 second breaks in between each exercise! 

Now, here’s the fun part. You can stop there and feel good about a high intensity 10 minute workout, OR you can add another round! For a 20 or 30 minute workout, take a minute break between rounds, and do it all over again! I would do 3 rounds and enjoy a good intense 30 minute workout! It looks pretty easy, maybe even too easy to you seasoned workout vets. But give it a go and then decide! Need some extra intensity? Add some weights! You can also add a HIIT workout AFTER your daily exercise. If you walk, run, swim, box… finish up your workout with a HIIT workout on top of it! 

    I recommend adding at least 3 of these a week! And keep in mind, that you will not see the results you want, if you are working out and then eating junk. If one of your goals is to lose weight, this alone will not help you accomplish that… Losing weight is mostly changing your eating habits. But don’t worry, because we will tackle that as well! For now, try your hand at some HIIT workouts! If you need more inspiration for HIIT workouts, I will be posting the ones I do on my instagram! So follow me on Instagram for daily workout inspiration and inevitably cute baby pictures… 

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