Finding the Joy in Fitness!

As a new mommy in a post pregnancy body I am eager to begin working out again. I can’t wait to re-introduce fitness and healthy eating into this new lifestyle of being a mommy! Before I got pregnant fitness was a HUGE priority in my life and a passion of mine. It’s a driving force behind why I chose recreational therapy as a career path, because I truly believe in its power to improve our lives not only physically, but mentally as well.

    However, I know fitness is not a passion for everyone. Many people see it as daunting and obligatory, if they even participate at all. It’s hard to find time, easy to procrastinate, and it’s easy to get frustrated, give up, and feel like a failure. When you are not passionate about fitness, it’s hard to dive into its complexities and find your best course of action. Sure, there are lots of videos, programs, and products out there that promise lots of different results in lots of different time frames, but they often require a monetary investment and very little accountability, not all, but most! Now don’t get me wrong, there are successful programs that work for many people, if you are part of one of these, I encourage you to continue to do what works! 

“Do something today your future self will thank you for.” ~unknown~

    But today I am here to encourage those who may have been passionate about fitness in the past, but haven’t prioritized it lately, those who have fitness and health goals that may not know how to achieve them, or do know how to achieve them but could use the encouragement, and those who know there are benefits to fitness but have no idea where to start and have lost hope in its transformative powers.

    This is a big part about why I started this blog, to help you find the joy in fitness! So what can you expect by following, The Art of Encouragement, and joining me on this journey? You can expect me to be by your side as we not only set, but achieve our goals. We’ll learn and try new things! I’ll offer guidance and accountability while we navigate workouts for different levels of ability and lifestyles. Most importantly I want to offer you encouragement throughout this whole process because working on reaching your fitness goals can be a very emotional, scary, and slow process, and protecting and improving our mental health is our TOP priority! 

    Not only do I have a special interest and passion for fitness, I will be completing my degree in recreation this year. This has required me to take classes in physical fitness, programming, and methodology in recreation and sports. So while I will be learning many activities alongside you, I also offer knowledge and experience backed by schooling, that I am excited to share with you!   

One activity I found joy in! Jiu-Jitsu and MMA!

I hope you will join me in finding the joy in fitness! I want you to take this week to mentally prepare! What does it mean to you to prioritize physical fitness? What are your goals and hopes for this? Are you wanting to lose weight? Gain muscle? Work on your self-esteem? Form healthy habits? Whatever it may be, write them down and refer back to them throughout this journey. As you pray and reflect on finding the joy in fitness, I want you to get excited! Buy yourself a new workout outfit, a new water bottle or yoga matt! Print out some motivational quotes to start your week inspired, and get ready for hard work! You can also e-mail me about your goals or questions you may have! If you are hoping for advice in a certain area of fitness or nutrition, I would love to be a resource for you! Send an e-mail to Do not hesitate to reach out for any reason! After all finding the joy in fitness will take a lot of hard work and even more encouragement!

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