Personality Tests for Self-Discovery!

Hello friends! It is a snowy day here in Joplin, Missouri and since I am not having a baby yet, I thought I would suggest a snowy day of self discovery! I personally really enjoy taking personality tests and discovering more about what makes me tick! So if you are like me, and want to dive into some self discovery here are some personality tests that you can take! And not what disney character are you… but real tests put together by real professionals!

The Enneagram Test:

The enneagram test has 9 models of human psyche! You take a short test where you rate how accurate a character description is of you, and at the end it will put you into one of these 9 categories of personality types! Here is a link where you can take this test!

When you get your results it will give you a small glance into your personality type. Mine for instance is a 7: The Enthusiast! 98% Match. It will give you an opportunity to unlock more information for a fee but you can google a ton more information about your enneagram type. You can also follow accounts on Instagram that have a lot more information about your type. Here are some Instagram accounts I follow that give you updates and different information on your number!

    Now it’s your turn! Go and take the test and learn some new stuff about yourself! Feel free to comment your enneagram type below!! 

Character Traits

    This next test we took in my positive psychology class and it was created by Martin Seligman who is a well known American positive psychologist! This test will put 24 character strengths in order for you and show what personality traits are your strongest! Those character traits are also broken down further into categories that you can read about as well! For this one, you will have to make a free account (super simple and I don’t get spam from them!) And then they will send you your character traits in order with a description of what they mean! For me this test took me by surprise! I did not expect some of the traits that were in my top 5 to be there! And some that were in my bottom were ones I expected to be higher! But it’s a fun test and you can learn a lot from it! Here is a link to where you can take the test! (It’s free!)

Love Languages:

    This next test was very popular not too long ago, so many of you mayknow yours already! But this test is too good to pass up! The 5 Love Languages is a book written by Christian Author Gary Chapman! The Love Languages refer to how you best accept and show love. This one is best to take with your partner, but you can take it without them! This test not only offers information about yourself, but how to improve your relationships. You not only learn a little about yourself, but you get to learn how to better communicate with your spouse and love each other better! It’s also a free test! 

The Color Personality Test:

The Color Code is another personality test you can take! If you are like me, you’ll get similar results to your enneagram test! But this one is a little different! In this test you will see what you are motivated by! Fun, Power, etc. There are 4 colors and you will see what color you are and how much of that color represents your motivation! You will get a description of yourself as well and learn some new information about your personality! Here is the test! I am mostly YELLOW! What color are you?? 

    I hope you learn a little bit about yourself and enjoy this snowy Saturday to self discover! Feel free to comment your own results below if you want to share! Or send them to me! It’s so much fun to see not only your own results but be surprised by your friends as well! What other tests have you taken to learn more about yourself? 

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    1. Oh!! The reformer!! That’s so interesting! Ones and seven’s have a lot of opposite qualities! 😉 Except two big qualities! Independence & Making things happen!

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