Relaunching Your Faith

How are you doing so far in your New Year’s goals? It is still early on, so don’t worry if you haven’t even made time to set goals and resolutions yet! I myself, have still been working on some of mine! I chose four goals to prioritize right now, and while I still have more I want to accomplish I chose 4 to dive deeper into. In doing this, I set daily, weekly, and or monthly tasks to make these goals happen. It can be fun to list out goals, but you find out how serious you are to accomplish them, when you start making a game plan to achieve them! My number one goal this year, and one I want to share with you, is relaunching my faith! My goal is to improve on habits and consequently my relationship with Christ! 

    I have been in a season this past year where A LOT has changed, and while I never struggled in my faith I did become pretty complacent. I credit this complacency to a change in habits. Being a newlywed and soon after becoming pregnant lead to a lot of change, while all of this new sudden change was amazing, I did not see what habits I was forming in settling into a new routine with a partner and a pregnancy! That lead not to a lack of faith, but to my faith taking a backseat to all these new changes happening in my life. Maybe you are like me, and you simply lost those habits that maintained and grew your relationship with Christ. Or perhaps you have another reason for wanting to relaunch your faith, becoming complacent, becoming a new christian, or emerging from some hard struggles that really tested your faith, whatever your reason may be, join me this year in relaunching your faith!

    A really great sermon on Kingdom Minded Goals is by Pastor Andrew Moyer, the pastor from The Light at Joplin. Here is where you can watch it! 

    In this sermon Pastor Andrew talks about in order to make a goal it has to have a date and a quantifiable measure to it. That makes relaunching your faith a difficult goal to set, especially when you’re trying to “measure” your relationship with Christ! 

Since this goal is going to be hard to measure I broke it up into Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to accomplish! In order to achieve a better and stronger relationship with Christ, I’m focusing on changing my habits. Here is a break-down on how I plan to achieve this goal:

Goal: Grow closer to God and create a stronger relationship with him!

How: Focus on changing & creating habits that lead to a deeper relationship with Christ!


Daily: Prayer & Thanksgiving

    This should be a daily goal for you! While it can be hard to set aside time each day to dive into a book and do a devotional or bible study, prayer can happen anytime, anywhere and that is okay! One of the biggest lies from the enemy is that God only listens to you, if you are in a quiet peaceful setting, and you are completely focused! Believing there is only certain settings for prayer makes it so easy to neglect! So whether you are driving to work, laying in bed, and just remembered you should pray, cooking dinner, etc. pray! If you have a quiet place you can pray, even better! If not, do it anyway! Pray and thank God EVERY day! Praying will lead you to a stronger relationship with Christ. He says so himself! 

    “The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” Psalm 145:18

Weekly: Read your Bible (@ Least 3 x’s a week) 

    Reading your Word is so important when it comes to your relationship with Christ. Every time I read my word there is always something new that reaches out to me. It is a way to hear God’s voice when you need guidance and to know what to do in hard situations. It is your instruction manual through life, and it’s filled with love notes from your creator. Open your Bible and you will instantly get a dose of who God is, and how much you are loved! As a measurable goal I set this as a goal for 3 x’s a week, but you can make it a daily goal! Eventually this should become daily, but it’s okay to start out with a goal of 3 x’s a week! It can be daunting to decide where to start when you have that huge bible in your hands, so unless you feel there is a place in the Bible God is bringing to your attention, some good spots to start can be:

Genesis- Start from the beginning and truly learn the stories of God!

Matthew-The first book of the New Testament! Start from when Jesus enters the Bible!

Psalms- Written mostly by David, reading a Psalm a day can be so encouraging! There seems to be a Psalm for everything in life! 

Proverbs: Written by King Solomon it is all about wisdom vs. folly, and I learn something new every time I read it! 

If none of those seem right just dive in! As long as you are seeking Christ and reading His word you will grow closer to Him!  

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” John 1:1

Weekly: Journal & Reflect (At least once a week!) 

    I like to begin my week with journaling! If it’s possible for me to journal each day, I do that to! But once a week is perfect! This can be whatever you want it to! I like to make a weekly prayer list: Sometimes I’ll write about what’s going on, what I want to accomplish that week, what my relationship with Christ looks like, and sometimes I don’t write at all! I color! My journal has drawings in it, and let me tell you… I am NO artist! But sometimes when i can’t put things into words, I simply draw it out! It can be just as cathartic as writing! Either way I challenge you to make a journal with the goal to write about your journey with Christ at least once a week! Being able to see your progress even if it’s all just thoughts and pictures can be HUGE when you look back on where you started! 

My subpar coloring skills when I can’t seem to write!

Weekly: Attend a church service OR watch a sermon online!

    Each week if you attend church or have the opportunity to attend church, do it! Start connecting and growing with a group of people that are Christ-minded! There can be no greater way to grow in relationship with Christ than to grow in relationship with those He loves! So if you have the opportunity to connect do it! If not, if you can’t make it to church that day, or it is something you need to work your way up to, make it a goal to watch a sermon online! Find local churches you may want to try and watch their sermons! Nowadays churches have videos on facebook and their websites so check out a sermon from a different church until you are ready and able to go in person! 

    “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them.” Matthew 18:20

Monthly: Memorize Scripture

    This one is a monthly goal, because it can be difficult and takes time! However, when you start equipping yourself with the Word of God, it is harder for you to fall. You will grow closer to God when you are confident in his Word. I encourage you to pick a verse to memorize each month, and it can be any verse! Whatever you feel you want to equip yourself with that month! If memorizing scripture is a challenge for you, there are lots of different ways that can work for you! I like to write it on some notecards and post it where I will see it! BUT my favorite tool in memorizing scripture, is the Bible Memory App! If you have a smartphone, get it and try it out! It makes memorizing scripture a lot easier! 

    If you want to join me in memorizing scripture this month, I am going to be working on one from Pastor Andrew Moyer’s sermon, with Kingdom Goal setting in mind!

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

Bible Memory App Logo! Download this one!

    I hope you will join me on this journey in relaunching our faith this year! Only God knows what this year will bring, so let’s start changing our habits to conquer all the good, bad, and unusual that may happen! This is a goal for the whole year! But you can check-in each day, week, or month! There is so much the Bible calls us to as Christians, and so much more you can work towards to become more like Christ, but it’s okay to start out in creating these habits first! When your relationship with Christ grows you will know when he’s calling you to more! So focus on creating and maintaining that relationship with Christ first!  And if one week or even month goes by where you didn’t reach your goals, or accomplish what you wanted DON’T GIVE UP! Keep going, and if you need some more help or encouragement please feel free to reach out to me! We can relaunch our faith, together, with a little bit of encouragement! 

“It must be borne in mind that the tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.” ~Benjamin E. Mays~

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