A Joyful 2020!

Amidst your New Year’s resolutions for 2020, I have a challenge for you! This year amongst your fitness and dietary, school and career goals, and even your fun and creative challenges for the new year, let’s add one more, a mental health goal! Even if this year was full of excitement and joy, there is always a benefit to making your mental health a priority! 

    So what are some possible options for your mental health goals? Here is a list I made for you, of possible New Year’s resolutions centered around your mental health! Feel free to add and revise any that may suit you, and be sure to write them down! If you’re the kind of person that journals, keep track of your resolutions in a journal entry! If you are crafty and want to do a little more, make a vision board for your new year! I decided to be crafty this year, and made one myself! 

  • Spend an hour a week doing something that brings you joy!
  • Take some personality tests. Learn more about what makes you, you! 
  • Make one big change this year. Removing something that is hurting your mental health, or adding something that will improve it!
  • Find a new hobby that brings you joy!
  • Say YES more! (To people and activities that are good for you.)
  • Be a more positive person!
  • Cut out negative comments & thoughts about yourself and others!
  • Remove one bad habit from your life!
  • Go to counseling this year!
  • Conquer your depression!
  • Conquer your anxiety!
  • Confide mental health struggles to a friend or family member!
  • Make a prayer list of all your mental health struggles, and at least once a week, pray over your mental health!

    Some of these goals are perfect for those that have had a great year, and ready to continue with a great 2020! And some of these goals are great for those who may be struggling with depression, and want to make some big changes in the New Year! Either way, pick at least a few of these goals, or make some of your own, and add them to your New Year’s resolutions list! If you do, please feel free to e-mail a picture of your resolutions to me if you feel comfortable to do so! I would love to see your goals for this new year!! (theartofencouragement@outlook.com

    I personally am excited to see all the great things that will be happening this year in my own life as I welcome my baby boy into this world, and in yours!! I have a feeling this year will be one of our best, friends! One full of excitement and more, full of joy!

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