The Struggle of Time Management

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Alright friends, I’m going to get real with you for a moment! I am the WORST at time management. I always have the best intentions for the day, Jesus time, work out, cook meals, CLEAN, but it very rarely happens… My lack in time management skills, believe it or not has a BIG influence on my own mental health… and if you are anything like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

It can get depressing watching laundry pile up, and waking up to a realization that a whole week went by and you opened your bible once… It not only feels disappointing, but it can be depressing when you feel like you missed out on a whole week of goals.

So, what can we do about this? How do we manage time?!

Step 1: Prioritize

Before you start your day decide then and there what tasks you NEED to get done? And what are the tasks you WANT to get done… Obviously, you need to go to work, or school, you need to eat, and you need to prioritize some Jesus time. After that what do you want to accomplish that day? Cleaning? Working out? Reading? Painting? What are the things your want to accomplish? And it’s okay and encouraged to prioritize things that bring you joy. If you need to, list them out!

Step 2: Make a Schedule

So this may be something you do the night before or as soon as you wake up… if you are like me… it’ll be a night before task… With me, the less to do in the morning the better…  If you need to make a schedule within your schedule do it! Maybe you have cleaning listed on your schedule… but need to focus in even more, like do the dishes, or laundry or clean your room! Whatever works best for you. Write out a schedule or a “to-do” list. If you need to set deadlines and time restraints, then go for it! If you just need a list of goals for the day in a timely order, more power to you! Whatever works best for you! Don’t forget to include in your schedule dedicated time to plan!!!

Step 3: Do not Overwhelm your Schedule

Know yourself! If you write out 25 things you want to do that day, and you know you only have time for 10… prioritize! If you know something usually takes you 30 minutes and you only allowed yourself 10 minutes to accomplish it, readjust! Your day is not a race, and you can spread out your goals throughout the week! Also if you are a multi-tasker, perhaps you take extra time to do laundry because you also watch some netflix or tv… make sure you account for that time. It’s not a bad thing! Just be a realist when it comes to your scheduling!!

Step 4: Limit Time-wasters

If you are like me, you start your morning scrolling facebook, till you “wake-up” and then you realize an hour has passed and it’s time to get ready for school…. Well it’s time to limit time-wasters! In order to get better at this I downloaded an app on my phone called “OFFTIME.” It’ll shut down certain apps for a time that I set. So I can shut down my netflix, facebook, instagram, hulu, etc apps that are time wasters for a block of my morning, so that I can focus on my morning routine! Maybe, you are disconnected in the evenings or you have a date planned… this can be set whenever you want for however long you want it so you can stay, “unplugged.”

Step 5: Have Accountability!

If you need to send your schedule to someone who can hold you accountable, DO IT! If you have ONE important task to accomplish that day, tell someone that you HAVE to get it done, and then allow the nagging! Whatever it may be, if you are struggling with depression, and your one task, is to get out of bed, and read one bible verse, or take a drive out of the house, or whatever it may be tell someone who will hold you to it! Whatever you need to accomplish in managing your time, tell someone about it! If you want to e-mail me and have ME hold you accountable DO IT!

Step 6: Allow yourself to feel Accomplished!

At the end of the day, revel in the 5 tasks you accomplished instead of getting hung up on the one you failed to do! You are a work in progress and even this time management stuff won’t happen overnight, so be encouraged in your progress and keep moving forward! There will be trial and error in this process, one day you may overschedule yourself, or something unexpected comes up and your schedule is thrown off, and maybe another day you have tons of spare time and accomplish more than you even planned! Allow the learning curve and find joy in what you accomplish!

I will be doing this to! Time-management for me is a HUGE struggle!! I get overwhelmed and stressed out EASILY! And on top of that, I’m the kind of person that allows sadness and depression to keep me in bed, and shut me down… which is a truly terrible combination… So let’s do this together! Let’s learn to manage our time together, and reap the benefits of conquering time!

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