Intent to Encourage!

Hello friends! As my first entry I would love to share with you my intentions for what is to come from me and The Art of Encouragement!  The Art of Encouragement is written for anyone who is struggling with depression, or anyone who has not made seeking joy in their life a priority. I say OR because I know that when you are struggling with depression seeking joy is easier said than done, so I hope that I can offer you some guidance and that together, we can fight off depression and replace it with joy!

Throughout this blog we are actively going to try new things that will bring us health and joy! I’m not just going to talk at you, I’m going to be trying everything along with you! After all, how do we know what will bring us joy unless we try?? To make it easier to navigate what we will be doing, I broke it up into four categories, The Art of Wellness, The Art of Leisure, The Art of Travel, and The Art of Encouragement! I believe with those four categories that we can reintroduce joy back into our lives!

An emphasis on wellness, is putting our physical, spiritual, and mental health into focus. It can be hard to find motivation to work out, but have you tried everything there is to offer? Well let’s do it together! We are not just creating fitness goals here, our goal is joy! Don’t worry, I do not have six pack of abs, and this is not a fitness blog, but I believe that health is so important to being joyful! Whether that be meditation through yoga, running, or kickboxing there is something out there that will bring you health and joy!

An emphasis on leisure is putting our down time into focus. I am the worst at getting home and putting netflix on and 3 hours later I realize I just wasted 3 hours of my day watching netflix….  So no more! We are going to prioritize our down time to focus on things that will improve our lives. Finding hobbies that bring us joy, creating music, learning something new! All things we will focus on in The Art of Leisure.

An emphasis on travel is pretty self explanatory! What brings some of us more joy then getting out of town and traveling?! I know that we are ALL in need of vacation! But I am also a broke college student, so know that, we will be finding travels close to home and hopefully not so close to home as well. But focusing on saving and traveling will be found here!

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Finally, an emphasis on encouragement… now this is where you will find a focus on faith! I don’t think I could write a blog on mental health and joy without mentioning the one who brings joy! My faith is what brings the most joy in my life and I am so happy to share that all with you as I feel fit! Please know there is not intolerance here, and if faith is something you are battling with as well, I am happy to talk to you and so happy you are here!  This section is also where you will find posts about the hard topics, depression, anxiety, medication…. things of that nature!

So how am I qualified to speak on such things?? Well I’m not! Let me first be clear, that I am a student of recreational therapy and psychology, and I am excited to share with you everything that I learn as I learn it! However, I’m not licensed, so this blog is definitely my own personal thoughts and feelings and ideas!

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